P.M.P.S.® 3 in1 Air Circulation Commode Bed with Head Elevation I Left & Right Turn for Diaper Change I Bed Sore PreventionsI Commode Pot I Safety Rails I for bedridden Patient at Home (only Bed)


Q1-What is Air Circulation Commode Bed ?- answer- frame made with multiple rectangular pipe , among them there is enough space to circulate / pass the air – this helps to keep skin dry later helps to prevent bedsores .
Q2- What is purpose of left & right turn ?, answer- this function helps in changing Diaper of patient & relaxes muscles of one side while truned to another side .
Q3- what does help head elevation ? answer – it helps while taking medicines , having food , reading papers or watching tv
Q4- What is commode option in bed? – answer – it allows you to pass stool / urine on bed while patient is bedridden
Dimension – 78 x 36 x 18 inches ( LXWXH )
Material – iron with epoxy coated in ivory color.