P.M.P.S.® 2 in1 Patients Medical Bed I Commode on Bed I Detachable Wheels I 2 heights options in 1 Semi Fowler Bed , 1- Function Head Elevation I Water & Stain Proof Foam Mattress (78 X36X18/22 inches)


2 in1 Patients Medical Commode Bed – Works as Semi Fowler Bed + Commode on Bed
Commode on Bed Ensures Hassle Free Daily Essential Piss/ Shit on Bed Specially for Lean, Old Aged, Paralysed Bedridden Patients
2 in1 Height Options – Detachable Wheels to Reduce or Increase Height of Bed by 4 inches ( 18 inches or 22 inches )
2 Section Mattress – Water & Stain Proof Foam Mattress
Heat & Water Resistant Abs Panels with Foldable Steel Crank System